Whether it’s a vacation rental or you’re more interested in long-term tenants, you’ll agree that having quality tenants is one of the most important contributors to your being a happy landlord. If you think about it, though, if you keep your tenants happy, they’ll keep you happy. Since that’s the case, what can you do to make sure your tenants stay happy?

Make sure they feel safe and secure. Take a few minutes to inspect your rental property with safety and security in mind. If you were a burglar, how would you get inside the house? Identify key areas that you can make more secure, either by lighting, or locks, or security cameras. Look around for safety hazards like uneven walkways, or damaged stairways, or dangling tree limbs, or potential fire hazards. Taking even just a few minutes to look for ways to be proactive about safety and security can go a long way toward keeping quality tenants.

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