Who doesn’t love listening to birds chirping outside the windows? Many homeowners will even put out bird feeders to attract a great variety of birds to their yard. Unfortunately though, birds could become a problem when they enter our living spaces.

Bird droppings can corrode your walkways and driveway since it contains uric acid. It is also possible that the birds carry disease, which could affect you and your family. In some cases, these diseases could be very serious.

Another problem is that birds sometimes will nest in inconvenient places, such as your gutters, which could cause damage when water gets obstructed and pools up on your roof. If they were to build nests inside of vents of your bathroom fan, kitchen fan or air conditioner, this could greatly decrease efficiency, damage the equipment or even pose a fire-risk.

To keep birds from making your home their home, you should make sure they don’t have easy access to food, and that there are no places where they can nest and roost.

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