There are so many window treatment options that it can be overwhelming to choose. Each of the four types of window treatments has distinct characteristics, which can help you make the right selections based on your needs.

Curtains are fabric panels that are most often sold in pairs. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles, making them a popular choice. Curtains hang from a rod, which can be hidden or on display. Like curtains, drapes are fabric panels and are usually sold in pairs. But drapes are lined with fabric that’s often heavy enough to block out all light, making them perfect for bedrooms. Like curtains, drapes hang from a rod.

A shade is a more soft fabric panel that is sold individually. Shades come in a wide range of sizes to fit within the window frame. To let in light you raise the shade, using either a cord or roller. With many styles, you can find a shade to match almost any space. Blinds also lift with a cord or mechanism like shades do, but they are made of slats. The width and number of slats are sized to fit within the window frame. Blinds come in many colors and wood types, but are usually plain.

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