Solar energy isn’t just an idea from a science fiction novel anymore! In recent years, it’s become more affordable and accessible than ever before. In some communities, photovoltaic panels have become as commonplace as the roofs on which they’re installed. If you’ve been thinking of going solar, what are some things that you might keep in mind?

Well, among others, you can consider what incentives are available to you for going solar. While the equipment and installation may be pricey, the government will often provide credits and rebates to help you absorb the cost. Additionally, when photovoltaic panels absorb more energy than is needed by your property, it gets fed back into the city power grid, and utility companies are required to compensate you for the returned power. Another thing you’ll need to consider is where the panels will be installed. If they go on your roof, how will you make potential repairs to the roof? If they go on the ground, will you have adequate sunlight?

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