As you’ve undoubtedly deduced by now, this is not a cooking blog! However, we do have some helpful tips for the use of your grill – whether it’s gas, charcoal, or otherwise – that can not only improve your experience while using it but can help to keep your family and property safe as well.

When using your grill, you’re hyper-aware of temperature and fire quality on the inside. However, these can also pose a threat to your health and property on the outside of the grill. For example, if a hot grill is placed too close to the vinyl siding of your home, it can cause the siding to warp or melt. Smoke coming from a grill can discolor, stain, or otherwise damage wooden stairways or decking above it. If poorly ventilated, carbon monoxide can also pose a threat to your health. These are fairly simple tips, but they can greatly affect your enjoyment of a grill.

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