Have you ever raised a suspicious eyebrow in the direction of your clothes dryer, concerned that it has nefarious intent? Probably not. However, we’d like to spend just a little bit of time raising your awareness about a significant potential for a safety hazard that’s part of every dryer – its exhaust vent.

There are two big issues that the exhaust vent on a dryer can cause. The first is water damage. While it can vary, there’s usually around a gallon of water stuck in a load of laundry after each wash. Where do you think that gallon of water goes after you load the clothes into the dryer? Into the air! If your dryer’s exhaust vent is pointed indoors, that moisture could be seeping into your walls and ceiling.

The other big issue that dryer exhaust vents can cause is fire. If the exhaust duct has too many sharp turns, it can collect lint and other debris, which can easily catch on fire. Exhaust ducts should be as straight as possible.

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